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Small Group: Afternoon Guided Tour of Teotihuacan

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Enjoy the Sunset on an Afternoon Tour of  Teotihuacan

Visit Teotihuacan, the “City of the Gods,” in the afternoon and enjoy the impressive changes of hue in the sky as the sun begins to set.

After being picked up at the meeting point in Mexico City, you are taken on a trip toward northeast Mexico City, across the suburbs, as the guide gives you a brief introduction to the history of the city and the different spots you pass by on the way to the site.

Once you arrive in Teotihuacan, the tour starts with the Pyramid of the Sun, which you get to climb, then heads to the Pyramid of the Moon.

The guide provides you with explanations on the architecture and urban design of the site, which represents the Mesoamerican cosmovision, and gives you insight into the way in which this civilization lived and was organized.

We take a look at the last sun rays that touch the pyramids as the site empties, then find an attractive spot around the pyramids so you can enjoy the sunset.

Later, to end this amazing tour, you enjoy dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to the meeting point in Mexico City.


  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the area as the afternoon passes
  • Learn about the architecture and urban design of the archaeological zone

Note: The schedule of the archaeological area is restricted and we may not remain there after 05:00 p.m.