Six Flags VIP Access

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Visit Six Flags Mexico!

Can you imagine not having to wait in line at one of the best theme parks in Mexico? Well, no need to imagine; it can be yours! Spend a fun and exciting day with VIP line admission to all rides and attractions so you can fully enjoy your experience without having to wait in line. The VIP experience is aimed at visitors seeking special treatment and maximum comfort on the day of your visit.

Enjoy roller coasters such as Medusa, Superman, Batman, and many others. But that’s not all; you can also enjoy the shows with reserved and preferred seating for the Blackout and Cowboy Stunt Show. Come and enjoy a VIP experience!

You VIP access can be applied once a day for the following games: Boomerang Coaster Medusa Stell, Kilahuea, The Joker.

Does not apply to fees for the following attractions: Sling Shot, Go Karts, Freaky Dolls, Terminator X, Pirate Battle, Golfito, and Dolphin Products.

Discovery VIP Experience does not apply to the following rides: Hollywood Tours, Le Mans, and Sky Screamer. Limited sale.


  • VIP tickets to the theme park
  • Preferential pass for some games